"I think, actually I know your site is far superior to anything out there – well done!"
- Belinda Gentle, Gallant Professional Recruitment Services

Profession Globe and your company
Recruitment. People Management. E-Learning.

Profession Globe is a new business tool designed specifically to assist the modern business or recruitment agency in all their HR and training needs.

Whether you are a recruitment agency looking for the very best platform to manage your job listings and manage your database of professional people complete with their full details and activity history, or a company wishing to take your E-Learning to the cloud, Profession Globe will provide you with an unsurpassed suite of HR/Training solutions bound to make your company's day-to-day activities more effective, efficient, cost-effective and yes, even fun!

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Who's using our Services?
Utilizing our cloud-based solutions
    Web-Based Recruitment
    A Complete Recruitment Solution

    Profession Globe offers recruiters a wealth of functions through our easy-to-use, online web interface. Some of these include:

    People Management
    Manage Your Resources easily and effectively

    Profession Globe People Management allows your company
    and it's recruiters to manage your entire portfolio of
    professional candidates and clients through an incredibly
    easy-to-use online interface.

    This gives your company/agency the ability to find the ideal
    candidates with their latest and updated information
    effortlessly and follow a complete workflow through the entire placement process.

    You have complete control over your People database making it extremely easy to keep all your candidates' details, experience, qualifications, market availability and more current and easily searchable.

    Web Based E-Learning
    Courses And Quizzes - Easy and Effective

    Profession Globe E-Learning provides any company with a rich suite of online tools to create, publish and assess training courses in any field.

    Do you have clients using one of your products in need of training?
    Simply log into your Profession Globe company profile, create an online training course complete with an assessment quiz and invite trainees to complete it from absolutely anywhere in the world.

    Through your very own included reporting interface, you can monitor all activity on your E-Learning profile, view quizes underwent by your clients or students, and even supply customizable certificates to your trainees based on their results!